Dor Kalev



LabGuru - sattelite projects: workflow editor [like ifttt], easyedit [like dropbox], LabRoom [like zoom]
Atento - paydirekt integration [german payments gateway], invoice template editor - broadcast view, using CDNs to scale work-boards at view-only mode - screen capture browser extension
90min - scaling as CTO, VPRnD
crossrider - backbone.js based app store for browser extensions
whodoyou - built version 1
seekingalpha - building and scaling as deputy CTO

My Past Ventures

contextors - algorithms NLP
literate - e-learning app for English learners
kapai - vue.js based chat with facebook bot integration
octava - webshop, hacking with rails since 2005

Passion Projects

Daff - A stage for indy writing in Hebrew
Koko2D - An award winning casual game
hummusbot - chat based AAI answering Hummus questions


Move fast
Have fun
Create impact
Be less formal
Waste less time
Keep ROI high

Photo by Shmueli Ahdut